Updates for April 17-23

2010 Truth in Love Lectureship (Pulaski, TN) Lesson 01 – Garland Elkins – One Another Lesson 02 – Dave Miller – Forgive One Another Lesson 03 – David Sproule – Comfort One Another Lesson 04 – Robert Taylor – A Study Of Matthew 18.15-17 Lesson 05 – B.J. Clarke – Exhort One Another Lesson 07 – Dave Miller – Rebuke …

Bible Picture of Psalm 63

Updates for April 4-10

Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons: What is Edification? Sermons by Dan Winkler: The Day Moses Almost Died

Sermon Updates for March 28-April 3

Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons: Those Who Have Fallen Is Morality Subjective? The God Of Comfort Dan Winkler – Weekly Sermons 2010-03-27_AM – We Need Heart Surgery 2010-03-27_PM – When We Have Heart Surgery Nothing But the Blood of Jesus Parable of The Pencil Peace Like a River Keith Cozort – Archive The Parable of the Sower (1) What is the …

Sermon Updates – March 20-27

Sheffield Drive Church of Christ – Archives 2011 Spring Gospel Meeting with Robert Taylor: Lesson 1 – Robert R. Taylor, Jr. – The Bible Is… Lesson 2 – Robert R. Taylor, Jr. – Lamentations (Part 1) Lesson 3 – Robert R. Taylor, Jr. – Lamentations (Part 2) Lesson 4 – Robert R. Taylor, Jr. – Never Man Spake Like This …

Sermon Updates for February 20-26

Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons: The Five R’s of Repentance The Difference in the Covenants (Part 1) The Difference in the Covenants (Part 2) Paul’s Condition (Philippians 1) The Mind of the Christian (Philippians 2) The Placing of Our Confidence (Philippians 3) Looking into the Upper Room

Updates for January 16-22

Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons: Word Pictures of Hell Word Pictures of Heaven Huntingdon Church of Christ – Archive 2010-07-10_PM – Dan Winkler – If I Am Not Ready 2010-07-25_AM – Dan Winkler – If Paul Had Been a Parent (Part 1)

Another Milestone

As of this afternoon we have passed 1,000 downloads on the site. We are very excited that people are taking advantage of the lessons available and we will work to continue to add to the library. Please continue to tell your friends and loved ones about the site that the Gospel may continue to be spread far and wide. Thank-you …

Updates for January 9-15

Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons: Is The Lord’s Church A Denomination? Dan Winkler’s Sermons: How To Study When Jesus Comes When Jesus Comes And I Am Lost He Heard Their Cry He Is Like A Father To Me How To Get God’s Attention (Part 1) How To Get God’s Attention (Part 2) Aaron Cozort’s Sermons: Ask, Seek, Knock

New Sermons – January 2-8

Overview of the Bible Allentown Church of Christ – Allentown, PA – Keith Cozort Lesson 33 – Jonah Lesson 34 – Micah Lesson 35 – Nahum Lesson 36 – Habakkuk Lesson 37 – Zephaniah Lesson 39 – Zechariah Lesson 40 – Malachi Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons: Spiritual Resolutions Where is Wisdom Found? Huntingdon Church of Christ – Huntingdon, TN – …