Updates for the week of 10/24

Here are the sermon updates for this week:

The Christian Graces (Part 1): Giving All Diligence – Adam Cozort

Rebellion In The Camp – Adam Cozort

2010 Paintsville Church of Christ Homecoming:
Putting God First: At Every Stage of Life – Aaron Cozort
Putting God First: Haggai 1 – Aaron Cozort

Sheffield Drive Church of Christ Archives
Satan – Anthony Mertz
Overview of Micah – What Does the Lord Require of Me – Aaron Cozort

2010 River Road Church of Christ Men’s Lectureship: How a Godly Man…
How A Godly Man LEADS (2 Pet. 1:5-9) – Don Adkins
How A Godly Man SERVES (Ezra 7-10) – Aaron Cozort
How A Godly Man SPEAKS (James 1-5) – Eddy Craft

How Tolerant Were The Apostles? – Winford Claiborne (International Gospel Hour – 10/24/10)