Updates for December 19-25

Adam Cozort‘s Weekly Sermons:

The Christian Graces (Part 9) – Charity
Understanding Psalm 23

North Charleston Church of Christ – Don Blackwell:

I want to be a Worker for the Lord
Installing Elders and Deacons
Let Them That Stole Steal No More
Loosing Where God has not: Liberalism
Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Marriage Advice
Matthew 24
Men With Pride Problems
Misconceptions About Christmas
Internet Pornography
The Most Difficult Commandment: Repentance
Reverence in Dressing in For Worship
Talking Like the World
Tattoos and Body Piercings
Temper Temper
The Devil Does Not Care if We Sing
The Devil Does Not Care if We Worship
The Devil Made Me Do It
The Elder Brother
The Holy Spirit (Part 1)
The Holy Spirit (Part 2)
The Holy Spirit (Part 3)
The Holy Spirit (Part 4)
The Homosexuality Debate
When The Jehovah’s Witness Come Knocking
The Kingdom Has Come
The Lost Ark
The Most Gruesome Account in the Bible
The Prodigal Son
The Resurrection
The Role of Woman
The “Saints Only” Doctrine
The Ten Commandments
The Tower of Babel
Three Dispensations of Time
We Preach the Bodily Resurrection
What If Jesus were on Facebook?
What Kind of Church Does God Want?
What Must I Do to be Saved?
What Must I Do to Stay Saved?
Where Do We Go When We Die?
Who Can Stand Before Envy?
Why Do We Have the Books We Do In the Bible?
Why should I attend VBS?
Why Peter Failed

Washington Avenue Church of Christ – Archives – Keith B. Cozort
Challenges From Christ
We Are Not The Audience

Allentown Church of Christ – Keith B. Cozort
The Book of 1 John – An Overview – 01 Jan 06
Challenges Of The New Year – 01 Jan 06
Promises God Has Made – 04 Jul 04
Promises God Did Not Make part 1 – 17 Oct 04
Promises God Did Not Make part 2 – 24 Oct 04
Promises God Did Not Make part 3 – 31 Oct 04
It Is Better – 14 Sep 04

Sheffield Drive Church of Christ – Archives
Why The Cross? (Melvin Rogers) – 2009-08-02_PM