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Another Milestone

As of this afternoon we have passed 1,000 downloads on the site. We are very excited that people are taking advantage of the lessons available and we will work to continue to add to the library. Please continue to tell your friends and loved ones about the site that the Gospel may continue to be spread far and wide. Thank-you for your patronage and if you have enjoyed the content available on the site please leave us a comment and let us know.

Adam Cozort


New Sermons – January 2-8

Overview of the Bible
Allentown Church of Christ – Allentown, PA – Keith Cozort

Lesson 33 – Jonah
Lesson 34 – Micah
Lesson 35 – Nahum
Lesson 36 – Habakkuk
Lesson 37 – Zephaniah
Lesson 39 – Zechariah
Lesson 40 – Malachi

Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons:

Spiritual Resolutions
Where is Wisdom Found?

Huntingdon Church of Christ – Huntingdon, TN – Dan Winkler

A New Creature
Am I Good Like the Good Samaritan?
An Old Book for A New Generation – Billy Ringold
Built by Love (Part 1)
Built by Love (Part 2)
Consumed By Christ

Updates for December 26-January 1

Allentown Church of Christ – Keith Cozort – Overview of the Bible:
Lesson 21 – Proverbs
Lesson 22 – Ecclesiastes
Lesson 23 – Song of Solomon
Lesson 24 – Isaiah
Lesson 25 – Jeremiah
Lesson 26 – Lamentations
Lesson 27 – Ezekiel
Lesson 28 – Daniel
Lesson 29 – Hosea
Lesson 30 – Joel
Lesson 31 – Amos
Lesson 32 – Obadiah

Adam Cozort‘s Weekly Sermons:

An Introduction to the Christ (John 1:1-18)

Sheffield Drive Church of Christ – Archives

Aaron Cozort

2009-08-09_AM – Aaron Cozort – John 8.31-32
2009-08-16_PM – Aaron Cozort – How Can We Know the Bible
2009-08-30_AM – Aaron Cozort – Extremism in Judging
2009-09-06_AM – Aaron Cozort – How Men Disobey God (Heb 2.1-4)
2009-09-06_PM – Aaron Cozort – Christian Relationships (1 The 5.14-15)
2009-09-13_AM – Aaron Cozort – Grace: Past, Present, Future (Tit 2.11-13)
2009-09-13_PM – Aaron Cozort – Stolen Religion (Judges 18)
2009-10-11_PM – Aaron Cozort – Let Us Consider Our High Priest (Heb 3.1)
2009-10-11_AM – Aaron Cozort – Overview of Hebrews
2009-10-18_AM – Aaron Cozort – Do We Really Believe (Luke 21:36-22:5)
2009-11-01_AM – Aaron Cozort – Practical Relationship Wisdom from Proverbs 25-26
2009-11-29_AM – Aaron Cozort – Jesus on Morality
2009-12-13_AM – Aaron Cozort – A Basic Affirmation
2009-12-13_PM – Aaron Cozort – Things More Precious than Gold
2009-12-20_PM – Aaron Cozort – Joseph of Arimathea (Mat. 27)
2009-12-27_AM – Aaron Cozort – What I Would Like To See in 2010
2009-12-27_PM – Aaron Cozort – Lessons from Lyrics (Eph. 5:19)
2010-01-10_AM – Aaron Cozort – Death (2 Timothy 4:1-22)
2010-01-13_BC – Aaron Cozort – 1 John Class (Intro 2 – 1.1:3)
2010-01-24_PM – Aaron Cozort – Beattitudes (Non-Sermon on the Mount)
2010-01-27_BC – Aaron Cozort – 1 John Class (1 John 1.6-7)
2010-02-14_AM – Aaron Cozort – Believe on the Lord, Ask God to Save You, And Accept Jesus into Your Heart (Col 1)
2010-02-14_BC – Aaron Cozort – Colossians Class – The Genealogies & Chronologies of Genesis
2010-06-27_BC – Aaron Cozort – Marriage Divorce and Remarriage (Part of Colossians Class)
2010-06-23_WED – Aaron Cozort – 1 John Class (1 John 5.7-ff)
2010-11-21_AM – Aaron Cozort – Thanksgiving (eucharistia)
2010-07-11_PM – Aaron Cozort – The Book of Haggai
2010-07-04_AM – Aaron Cozort – 4 Reasons for Judgment (Ezekiel 1-7)
2010-07-04_PM – Aaron Cozort – She Hath Done What She Could (Mark 14.1-8)
2010-08-01_AM – Aaron Cozort – How Many Is One? (Eph 6:4-6)
2010-07-04_BC – Aaron Cozort – Colossians 3:5-11 (Colossians Class)
2010-07-18_BC – Aaron Cozort – Colossians 3:13-17 (Colossians Class)
2010-08-01_BC – Aaron Cozort – Colossians 3:16-19 (Colossians Class)
2010-08-15_BC – Aaron Cozort – Colossians 3:17-25 (Colossians Class)
2010-08-22_BC – Aaron Cozort – Colossians 4:1-5 (Colossians Class)

Eddy Craft:
2010-09-19_GM – Lesson 2 – Eddy Craft – Romans 2-3 (2010 Fall Gospel Meeting)
2010-09-20_GM – Lesson 3 – Eddy Craft – Romans 4 (2010 Fall Gospel Meeting)
2010-09-22_GM – Lesson 5 – Eddy Craft – Romans 6-7 (2010 Fall Gospel Meeting)

Adam Cozort:
2008 Lectureship – Adam Cozort – Jesus: Our Standard of Religious Authority

Ward BLVD Church of Christ – Archives
2010-11-15_GM – Lesson 4 – David Pharr – Matthew 16:13-18 (2010 Fall Gospel Meeting)

Tri-Cities School of Preaching & Christian Development: Lectures (
2008 – Great Chapters of the Bible: Joshua Day – 1 Corinthians 15

V. P. Black – Sermon
Doctrine of Christ on the Home (Part 1)
Doctrine of Christ on the Home (Part 2)
Doctrine of Christ on the Home (Part 3)

Another Contibutor – Dan Winkler

Dan Winkler of the Huntingdon Church of Christ in Huntingdon, Tennessee, USA has agreed to contribute material for the site.

As Brother Winkler’s material is added and you listen to it, you will quickly realize the blessing that this material can be to the lives of all those who digest it!

We offer our sincere thanks to brother Winkler and the Elders at Huntingdon.


~Aaron Cozort

WELCOME 2011 – 500 LESSONS!!!!!!

Just a quick announcment–WE HAVE REACHED 500 LESSONS! 

This was one of our goals to achieve before 2011 (and I realize it didn’t happen until 2:45am January 1, but CLOSE ENOUGH! lol

We appreciate every single person who is using our site and hope that it is a blessing to your spiritual life!

God Bless you in your studies!


Aaron & Adam Cozort

Updates for December 19-25

Adam Cozort‘s Weekly Sermons:

The Christian Graces (Part 9) – Charity
Understanding Psalm 23

North Charleston Church of Christ – Don Blackwell:

I want to be a Worker for the Lord
Installing Elders and Deacons
Let Them That Stole Steal No More
Loosing Where God has not: Liberalism
Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Marriage Advice
Matthew 24
Men With Pride Problems
Misconceptions About Christmas
Internet Pornography
The Most Difficult Commandment: Repentance
Reverence in Dressing in For Worship
Talking Like the World
Tattoos and Body Piercings
Temper Temper
The Devil Does Not Care if We Sing
The Devil Does Not Care if We Worship
The Devil Made Me Do It
The Elder Brother
The Holy Spirit (Part 1)
The Holy Spirit (Part 2)
The Holy Spirit (Part 3)
The Holy Spirit (Part 4)
The Homosexuality Debate
When The Jehovah’s Witness Come Knocking
The Kingdom Has Come
The Lost Ark
The Most Gruesome Account in the Bible
The Prodigal Son
The Resurrection
The Role of Woman
The “Saints Only” Doctrine
The Ten Commandments
The Tower of Babel
Three Dispensations of Time
We Preach the Bodily Resurrection
What If Jesus were on Facebook?
What Kind of Church Does God Want?
What Must I Do to be Saved?
What Must I Do to Stay Saved?
Where Do We Go When We Die?
Who Can Stand Before Envy?
Why Do We Have the Books We Do In the Bible?
Why should I attend VBS?
Why Peter Failed

Washington Avenue Church of Christ – Archives – Keith B. Cozort
Challenges From Christ
We Are Not The Audience

Allentown Church of Christ – Keith B. Cozort
The Book of 1 John – An Overview – 01 Jan 06
Challenges Of The New Year – 01 Jan 06
Promises God Has Made – 04 Jul 04
Promises God Did Not Make part 1 – 17 Oct 04
Promises God Did Not Make part 2 – 24 Oct 04
Promises God Did Not Make part 3 – 31 Oct 04
It Is Better – 14 Sep 04

Sheffield Drive Church of Christ – Archives
Why The Cross? (Melvin Rogers) – 2009-08-02_PM