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The Capital City church of Christ would like to invite YOU to come worship God the Father with us. Whether  you are looking for a church home or just passing through your presence will be  most welcome. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact usHope to see you Soon!!

New Sermons and Article Posted !!!

Latest Gospel Meeting Sermons Posted! Click Here

    Sermon Updates

    Our sincere apologies for the delays in getting new content up and available. We have had some technical issues that have required attention and thereby delayed our additions for the past few weeks. However, we are pleased to inform you that there is new content now going back up on the site. It includes:

    Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons:

    Dealing with Temptation (James 1)

    The Actions of Faith (James 2)

    The Tongue and Wisdom (James 3)

    Covetousness and Materialism (James 4)

    The Patience of Christianity (James 5)

    Aaron Cozort – Sheffield Drive Church of Christ

    That You May Believe – Lesson 6 (Chapter 3c)

    That You May Believe – Lesson 8 (Chapter 3e)

    Biblical Description of a Good Mother

    Into the Potter’s Hands (Ezra 7:9-10)

    A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

    Sheffield Drive Church of Christ – 2011 Lectureship – Contending For The Faith

    Lesson 1 – Don Adkins – Thy Word, A Burning Fire

    Lesson 2 – Tim Canup – Jesus Christ, The Master Controversialist

    Lesson 3 – Phillip Brennan – Where Has Our Boldness Gone?

    Lesson 4 – Robert Oliver – Hinderances to Contending for the Faith: Compromising Elders and Weak Preaching

    Lesson 5 – Larry Wilson – Seek the Old Paths

    Don Blackwell – North Charleston Church of Christ

    2010-08-08 – Remember Lot’s Wife

    Better Than We’ve Been – In 2010

    America’s Most Shameful Anniversary

    Sheffield Drive Church of Christ – Archives

    Jack Tittle – To Be Saved By God’s Grace, You Must Obey His Word

    Jody Apple – Gospel Meeting at Baldwin Road Church of Christ (Milledgeville, GA)

    Tuesday PM – The Eternal Nature of God’s Word

    Wednesday PM – God’s Eternal Plan

    Thursday PM – The Church In God’s Eternal Plan

    Eric Owens – Gospel Meeting at Southaven Church of Christ (Southaven, MS)

    Lesson 06 – God’s Plan For Your Life

    East Hill Church of Christ (Lebanon, TN) – Weekly Sermons

    Paul Sain – Thanks to Calvary I’m Not the Man I Used to Be

    Robert Hatfield – Why we cannot give up

    Paul Sain – God’s Amazing Grace

    Pike Road Church of Christ (Pantego, NC)

    Paul Prashcnik – God’s Citizenship Test

    Updates – April 24-30

    Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons:

    A Daily Sacrifice

    Descriptions of the Christian

    Aaron Cozort’s Updates:

    Nahum 1:1-15

    Christian Graces (Lesson 4): Self-Control

    Bible Class – Genesis – Lesson 5 (Gen. 2:1-14)

    2011-04-24 – Prayers of Moses (Part 1 of 2).

    East Hill Church of Christ – Archives:

    Robert Hatfield – Does God Expect Me To Change?

    Paul Sain – How Do You Listen To A Sermon?

    Paul Sain – Impacting Those Around Us

    Ray Baker – David and Goliath

    Robert Hatfield – Living Like Hell Exists

    Robert Hatfield – Culture and Christians

    Leroy Dedmon – Luke 15 – The Prodigal Son

    Paul Sain – Is It Well With Thee?

    Paul Sain – Devices Of The Devil

    Sermon Updates for March 28-April 3

    Adam Cozort’s Weekly Sermons:

    Those Who Have Fallen

    Is Morality Subjective?

    The God Of Comfort

    Dan Winkler – Weekly Sermons

    2010-03-27_AM – We Need Heart Surgery

    2010-03-27_PM – When We Have Heart Surgery

    Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

    Parable of The Pencil

    Peace Like a River

    Keith Cozort – Archive

    The Parable of the Sower (1)

    What is the Church of Christ (Part 1)?

    What is the Church of Christ (Part 2)?

    Unity of the Church

    What Does The Bible Teach

    Ye Have Not So Learned Christ (Eph. 4:20)

    Christians Must Live Exemplary Lives

    The Impartial God

    The Drawing Power

    Aaron Cozort – Sheffield Drive Church of Christ – Archives

    2010-01-22 – Death (2 Timothy 4)

    Does the Bible Teach that I Have to be a Member of a Local Congregation?

    That You May Believe – Lesson 1 (Chapter 1)

    That You May Believe – Lesson 2 (Chapter 1-2)

    The Book of Genesis – Lesson 1 (Introduction)

    Another Milestone

    As of this afternoon we have passed 1,000 downloads on the site. We are very excited that people are taking advantage of the lessons available and we will work to continue to add to the library. Please continue to tell your friends and loved ones about the site that the Gospel may continue to be spread far and wide. Thank-you for your patronage and if you have enjoyed the content available on the site please leave us a comment and let us know.

    Adam Cozort